Okay, if i am just comparing the pictures, Alli looks a whole lot happier with Mike then she is with Dave. period end of story. Mike and Alli are both smiling and look happy. There is going to be something going on between them. And by the looks of what degrassi wiki says, Mike is a good guy. Alli NEEDS a good guy in her life. Her and Johnny’s relationship was on and off, Drew cheated on her; she took him back, and he left her, She gets with Dave WHO cheated on Sadie with Alli, then cheated on Alli with Jacinta. If he cheated with you, he’s going to cheat on you. So really, I can see Alli ending it with Dave and getting closer to Mike. I have a feeling that Alli and Mike are already going to be friends, maybe? I hope so. 

I really don’t know where I was going with this, but I never really shipped bhandurner anyway, so I’ll be pretty happy if they break up. 

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    Okay so I posted this before season 12 started, and I was right on one thing, DAVE AND ALLI BROKE UP!!! What I’m more...
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    *sigh* psh, no. Bhandurner better stay alive, or I will personally go and smack writers.
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