#kimkardashianhollywood wish list add me on game center deejayxoxo okay? Okay <3

Ps. There are two other things I don’t have but I’m not at a level to wear and unlock SOO if anyone wants to get me those too be my guest 😘

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What should I do for six hours #kimkardashianhollywood

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this is the frsit time i’ve actually been on my personal and its not just instagram pictures…

roleplaying and the kim kardashian game has taken over my life

mostly that game

so if you have gamecenter…add me deejayxoxo

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Ansel Elgort in Divergent as Caleb Prior.

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Really tho are people that stupid to believe that ansel is going to be on #thewalkingdead #twd just from a picture that is 53 weeks old. Plus it’s from comiccon LAST year 😒

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I MADE THE ALIST #kimkardashianhollywood

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This is what happens when I’m bored

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#kissesa #pll #prettylittleliars 😘

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Last year it cried and I said it was Cory’s tears…… It happened again #rememberingcory #corymonteith

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😱😱 can not wait #r5 #rikerlynch #rydellynch #ellingtonratliff #rockylynch #rosslynch

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A year ago, we lost an amazing star, a humble human, a loving boyfriend, and most of all an amazing person. I was, and still do sometimes, think that one day TMZ will post “lol jk cory is alive” but that won’t happen. When I first learned of his death, I cried every time I saw a picture of him, or someone talk about him. I couldn’t get over the fact we lost someone who I had never met but I thought of him like a friend who I got to know over the past four years of glee. Days went but slowly, weeks slower at first. Then it was a month later, than two, than three. And then before I knew it six months had past. There hasn’t been a day that I don’t miss seeing Cory’s face or thinking of some of the what if he would be having with Lea right about now (or let’s face it… Glee wouldn’t be the crap it is now if Cory was still here). Today I’ll remember the happy times of Cory rather than focusing on his untimely death. I know for one thing that there is a star up there and it’s burning brighter than ever now… #frankenteen #corymonteith #rememberingcory #staystronglea

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